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Ann Demeulemeester – “our son victor”
photography patrick robyn
not in our namei-D magazine, the action issue, june 2003

the following section is dedicated to peace and a future that does not rely on bombs, tanks and guns to solve the problems of the world.
the idea for this project started during fashion week in new york, with tanks at heathrow, helicopters over manhattan and peace marches planned across the world for the following saturday. it seemed that we had to do something; that however small our contribution, we had to stand up and be counted, to lend our voices to the growing consensus of dissent – because the truth is that if we silent, it can only be presumed that we acquiesce.
we wanted to be a conduit for creative people internationally who disagree with war. so we sent out the following brief: ‘let us know your views, your message, your image and your ideas in whatever way you want to. we suggest using a white shirt or t-shirt as a canvas, and would ask you to be photographed with it if you don’t mind, but you do not have to.’
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Canvas  by  andbamnan